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Change can be very hard. It's not easy to release the old and stepping into a new life can be frightening for some. Every day is a new adventure and nobody is really sure what's to come but decisions were made. We create our own reality, some things are out of our hands but for the most part, we play a part in what happens every day.

We tend to go through a cycle, a state of comfort. We believe if we stay there we will be fine. We figure this is the best thing to do considering, everyone else is doing it and we also left our imagination in the past with our inner child. The impossible seems to be out of our reach, but what if it wasn't. Our wildest dreams are right where they should be and where are we? Being comfortable and not believing that this is possible. We second guess ourselves more than we should. No not everything in life is perfect, but wouldn't a perfect experience be just as boring? Having it all figured out, anything we want in our grasp, our wildest desires become our reality. I don't know about you but that would get old pretty fast and what would I have to show for it? No hard work, no real passion, I mean what would we get out of that?

It's time to start looking with a larger lens and maybe a new set of eyes. We have been sucked into the illusory state of mind. We are all plugged into a system, this system was only made to destroy us, but we all have a choice. We stay plugged in and play this lose-lose game, or unplug and create a new reality. This world is simply yours but if you're playing along like everyone else what are you really living for. You are just a product of your environment of course, but what type of product. Are you essential? Using your skills to help others? Or are you just an item that can be shown off? How are you representing yourself? Forget everybody else, many have already established their purpose during this lifetime. What stories do you want to tell your kids and family when you get older?

Think long term, find out what needs to change in your life today.

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