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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

There was no guide for life. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Every day was a mystery here on Earth and that's a quote that will live on forever.

As we grow in this world we find out so many new things and I've come to the conclusion that we're all here to learn something.

Learning truths.

Learning to find peace.

Learning to accept love.

Learning to accept yourself.

We run into others trying to find their way, not knowing that they have some hurt within them too. It's a world full of lost souls but eventually, we find our way.

It's so much to learn in life and some of us haven't even learned the biggest lessons or been faced with the biggest blessings.

We start off young and it's a continuous cycle until our story is no longer. Some of us experience intense situations at a young age and life just isn't the same anymore. We don't smile like we used too, I love you is just a meaningless phrase, and our trust with everyone is broken.

A lot of us are still wounded children on the inside.

And out of all those years, we never learned to heal.

From the bruises,the pain, the stress, the lonely feeling inside.

We had many questions yet no solutions.

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