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Creative Director/Astrology

Hi! I'm Tam and I'm one of the team's Astrologers! I'm a Virgo Sun from Jersey City, NJ - graduated from Iona College with a B.S. in Dual Childhood Education!

I specialize in coaching and practicing Mindfulness, Family Counseling and Self-Healing.

Growing up I always called myself “spiritual”, especially since my parents were religious. I was always a sensitive child and felt like I could automatically understand and connect with others that were either going through a rough time or were generally sad and/or “lost”. My spiritual journey consciously began when I was in highschool and delved deep into esoteric beliefs. My spirituality is linked with Mother Earth and I often listen to and follow Buddhist teachings. I believe that all humans are connected energetically and consciously, we are able to heal from the land if we’re actively trying to align ourselves. At this point in my personal journey, I am still establishing a connection with my ancestors since they haven’t consciously been venerated in decades.

Divine Brujita is a community of support, authentic expression and cosmic connections. Through sharing our interests, getting to know one another and just indulging in everyone’s energy has shown me the significance of sharing your ideas, gifts and vulnerability with others who can understand and empathize with your plights. I love being part of a community of people I’m inspired by and can count on to check on me and hold me accountable.

My favorite form of divination is through scribing. My favorite Tarot Deck is the Modern Witch since their art is so inclusive.