Hi! I'm Remedy Tee, known as Rising Phoenix and Tee Scorpio.

I started on my spiritual path when I was cracked open through a painful experience. During this time it pushed me to connect to something higher than myself. I had a spiritual awakening that allowed me to connect to the divine and see the divine within myself. My spiritual journey has helped me evolve, rebirth, and love myself through each phase. Through my journey I was able to see myself as more than a vessel, I am a soul having a human experience. In life we can get caught up in the past or the future. Never truly being present for the experiences that help your soul develop. Embarking on my spiritual path has aided me in being present, it’s not about what happened in the past or what will happened in the future life is about finding joy In the journey. Spirituality helped me look at the bigger picture and see things from a different perspective not focusing so much on the physical nature of life but the spiritual essence and balancing both acts.

My favorite decks to work with are Mermaid Oracle cards. I also enjoy working with shadow decks such as Dark Goddess. I appreciate a mix of light work and shadow work in my practice. I believe in order to grow we need to become aware of the shadow side that we consider taboo weather within ourself or others.

I specialize in astrology, I am well informed about the zodiac signs and the influence of your placements with the current transits. I also work with tarot and oracle cards to deliver messages from spirit and the ancestors. Lastly I tap into numerology and how your life path is affected by the numbers around you.