Hi! I'm Ashanti a Gemini Sun from Bowling Green, Kentucky!

I am the Guardian of Divine Brujita. I practice Anuian Theology and Heka (Ancient Egyptian Magick).

The beginning of my journey was very tricky because I remember being ⅚ and having my first spiritual experience. My ancestors were talking about me and it startled me so I immediately disconnected from my gifts due to fear. I was brought up in a Christian home but my family is very supportive of my spiritual journey, they’re curious about it but they don’t shame me for it which I love. My journey so far has been very uplifting and I have been purging a lot and working on transcending.

I eat, breathe, and sleep Divine Brujita. I started this community by myself back in March 25th, 2020. I built this to help those seeking spiritual assistance and guidance. My ultimate goal is to open a healing facility, metaphysical store, and so much more. This means more to me than anything in this world. I have created a genuine family and made some of the best connections, I had the opportunity to travel to New York, and expand my gifts through the creation of Divine Brujita. Like I tell everyone, this is my baby and it will forever have a special place in my heart.

My favorite divination tool is my intuition. I am able to pick up energies, I am more aware, and when I perform readings for my clients things flow naturally through me and it feels so good to have a great relationship with my higher self so that I’m able to provide 100% accuracy messages for those that work with me.

I am here to nurture your life force and share my spiritual wisdom with you to ensure you are taking the proper steps to heal yourself. I want to guide you from your darkness into your light so you can shine like the bright energy you are.