Intuitive Reader

Hi! I'm Alysia, a Libra Sun from North Carolina!

I'm a Tarot Reader who specializes in Self-Help, Cultivating your own Magick and Manifestations.

My spiritual journey began when I finally left my last toxic relationship and came back home and decided to put all my energy into myself. I started running into information about crystals, manifestation, Tarot,etc. and it really resonated with me that anyone could do Tarot and anyone could do Magick so I decided to start building up my own practice even if I didn’t share my services. I did it for myself because it pulled me in so deep and naturally. I put all my attention towards research and learning and as time went on my journey evolved into understanding deep shadow work, self help, and deeper understanding for the practice as a whole. I am a lifelong student of the universe and to this day I am always learning, reading, listening to podcasts, trying new methods so that I can share that knowledge and help others through their journey.

The Divine Brujita community is a team that is so individually different but United all at the same time because everyone does their practice differently and are interested in their own specialties but we are brought together by our shared desire to help others through our services and to let others receive the knowledge that we’ve learned through our own journeys and give through our services, making everyone feel welcome in the spiritual community no matter how much or how little you may know or don’t know.

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE a good tarot deck for divination especially my original deck or my more nature and animal themed decks (although I am interested in trying other divination methods soon)!