Hey boo, I’m Taylor, a student of life & a dabbler of all things mind, body & soul. My spiritual journey has found me here so I offer encouragement readings when you just need that je ne sais quoi to stay grounded as well as yes or no readings for that certain situation in mind. Astrology is a passion of mine as well so feel free to throw in a question about your birth chart or two. You got a Sagittarius rising here 🤎



There is a balance in all things. Ask only for what you need as you will only be given what the universe wants you to have. By booking with me, you agree to these terms & conditions. You also certify that you are at least 18 years old. Readings are provided via text or email. You can expect your reading within 24 hours of your booking time. Payment is not required but tipping is always appreciated 🤎