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Tam's Proverbs

Tam, as a studying Astrologer and Energy Worker, utilizes (western) Astrology as a tool in self-discovery and self-healing.

"Learn and educate with Love. Love is not blindly kind, it’s strong & passionate. It seeks justice and sovereignty" - Tam

Mindfulness and Astrology can be used as tools hand-in-hand to cultivate a mindset of happiness and peace.

By better understanding ourSelves, connection to the cosmos, Source/Universe and one another - we are able to cultivate a life-style and society that revolves around true Sovereignty.

Eye aim to provide services that incite integration of our Self (consciousness) and True Self (subconscious)

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"As an intuitive energy worker, my soul purpose is to educate and serve the collective. As a Virgo Sun, Libra Moon & Rising - balance, justice and authenticity are at the core of my passions which enable me to delve deeper into astrology and spirituality.

you can never change the world by being just like it!"

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