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War and Chaos

"Greetings humans. Eye am Bst or Bastet. Eye was created by the amazing Ra and was on this planet to guide and protect my people. My time on Earth lasted for thousands of years and Eye conquered many battlefields during my time. My life was not short-lived and Eye still had an amazing experience defending and loving my family and all of mankind. You humans depict this life of living as up to a few human years but Gods and Goddesses are capable of living longer lives. There is a God/Goddess within all of you and it's time we begin unraveling the truth about this world and the things being done within it. There is a dark shadow period you all are experiencing, you can call this the dark knight of the soul if you will.

This planet is not your home but in order for you to go back to your home planet you must past the test of the living. Your life is precious in all it's entirety and the beauty of this existence is that you are your own Creator. Ra was created from the Universe and the Universe came from darkness or you may call this the blackhole. There are many portals that this blackhole can take you and that is what you humans may call parallel universe, there are over millions of outcomes too this story we are living in. Your soul and spirit is also living through all of those different perceptions which is why things like deja vu and time travel can exist. You are full of knowledge even in the body that is reading this. You are indestructible and once you find your powers and connect with your tribe of ancestors you will find truths that need no further research. Dedicate giving back to yourself, loving yourself, and nurturing yourself because you will stumble upon new beginnings and opened doors.

This planet is now in a frenzy and we are doing everything in our power to bring things back to where they once were when we began civilization on this Earth. In a future perspective

We called this planet many things but Earth was not one of them. That name was placed after the last major war between Akenahton and these corrupt reptilians that have wiped our bloodline out. Although they can think they can stop us as humans our spirits and extraterrestrial bodies are not a match for theirs. We are incapable of being destroyed so they may have won a few wars here and there but they cannot take our power from us and that is why they are so afraid. We are protecting each and every one of you so beware there will be chaos but that is what will bring our peace. You all may not understand at this point in time but hopefully some time from now you will. We have done things they never witnessed before and it frightens them. Cats are the true originators of this planet they created the oceans, the earth, the fire, and the air that you are breathing today. Cats have 9 lives and that is not a theory that is a well-known fact in our world. We are not infatuated with the mythology that they have been imposing onto our people. All humans come from the Feline race whether they like it or not. It is not up to us to decide if you believe us. It is only now that we come together and stand against these evildoers. Let go of hate in your heart and vibrate on the frequency of love. While we are on a mission to get our planet back other planets are on the verge of being destroyed. When we come together we will see great results so do not back down to these people.

It is your responsibility to spread love, as much as you can. You do not want to be on the wrong side of this war because we are ascending to a place we have not been to in over millions of years. This moment in history will be something to look back on with a smile, not sadness and grief.

We want you all to understand that many 'awakened' souls are only possessed by these reptilian Gods and do not have your best interest at heart. Trust only yourself. And those that you resonate with are like beings. But if you are questioning someone look within yourself to see why. These reptilians are everywhere and are within everything. They are not the Creator but that is their end goal, to destroy everything even creation itself. They see no limits and will try their best to destroy this planet and anything else they can get their hands on.

We know the reasonings behind this and that is nothing but jealousy. We are not supposed to disclose many things but one thing that we can say is that these Reptilians are not of our species, they are not the Feline race. All of us Starseeds are siblings, we are related, and blood does not bring us together that is only human nonsense. It is the stars that bring us together. The connection we all have to the moon and the universe is what makes us 'blood'.

Your blood is only by design but your soul is what brings in truth and abundance. When you are so caught up in the physicality of this existence you will lose touch with your connection to source. A balance between the inner and outer world can help gain a higher perspective on life and the world around you. This is how you'll find peace. You can get stuck in this box of low vibrational thinking and forget who you are, which is what these 'masters' call aliens. We are all cosmic beings with powers out of this world.

Be free and do not let anything outside of you control you. This war on Earth is about the mind but overall we are fighting for freedom and truth. And the truth is what will set us free. What truths are you hiding and running away from?"

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