Wake Up, Neo

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Our whole life is one big conspiracy theory, it's like we're living in a movie. I know we're all thinking what the fuck is going on? How did we go from Juice Wrld's death to Kobe Bryant's death to "World War III" Covid-19, to Rioting and Protesting, and right after that a well known hacker "Anonymous" (how fucking clever of a name) comes out to the public with some information on a sex trafficking pedophile Jeffery Epstein who didn't kill himself and Donald Trump. This shit doesn't even sound real on a individual standpoint and nobody sees what's going on. Everybody is blind, yes I said everybody to a certain extent. There are people who know and those who don't want to believe what's going on. People have been saying it for years but "oh no my favorite politician or singer can't do that, they would never, they are good people."

Do you really know these people? Personally? And even if you did you'd know just how corrupt these people are. You don't understand what's going on behind the smoke and mirrors but I'll tell you. Not only are you being fooled but these people are laughing at you, all of you. It's a game of cat and mouse, there's always something. These people you trust and support are praying on your demise, they are laughing at you in their million dollar homes. This is a fucked up thing that is happening and has been happening for centuries. Not only have my people been oppressed but the whole fucking population is ASLEEP. Y'all it's time to wake up, I don't care if you don't believe in the Illuminati or what the fuck ever we can all say that this Earth we live on isn't right.

And that feeling of discomfort and fear IS the Illuminati. You can't sit here and act like we have full control over everything because we don't. And if we did none of this shit would be going on. Our pure souls would have never allowed the child trafficking, drug abuse/overdose, violence, evil rituals on the masses, poverty, man made diseases, and the list goes on. It's sickening and if you wanna take the blame for any of then be my guest. It's not our faults this world has been corrupted by evil but we do need to take fault for being too comfortable. You never once questioned the system, you never looked deeper into "conspiracy theories" and may I ask why? Why are conspiracy theorists the ones being ridiculed? And why have none of these claims been investigated? But they're theories, hmm. Take a step back. and look at a few "conspiracy theories" that have always seemed a little off.

The Illuminati or Cabal

Now you're probably wondering why this is so popular, but this term isn't recent at all. It comes from 1776, a secret society was formed by Isaac Weishaupt which he called "Illuminati". Fun fact, if you search it backwards you get the NSA website. And if you didn't know, NSA is the national level intelligence agency for America's Defense Department. Interesting. So let's not sit here and say that it's fake or a coincident because it's facts you can look it up if you still don't believe me. How many coincidences do you need for any of this to be true. Does it hurt finding out the truth? Hell yeah but I'd rather be awake than sleep and being used for a secret agenda that not only disrespects you but wants you dead. Now like I said "secret" does that mean they're going to come out and tell you? Hell no, they're gonna want to keep you under hypnosis until you snap out of the trance. And ask yourself if they were doing something good shouldn't everyone be involved? Or maybe that's just me but let's keep digging into this. Now you may have heard the term New World Order which is FOR depopulation, one world government AND religion, oh and also AI which leads us to now and this infamous microchip vaccine Bill Gates is trying to force on the masses. I'll leave you with that seed to plant for yourself, research this before you speak on it.

Christopher Columbus

Now this isn't really a conspiracy because every sane person knows that this man didn't find anything. He didn't even know where he was going someone else was leading him, he's such a hero in our history books but he killed millions of human beings on their land. But he has a day to himself? Hmm. And our history books deemed him to discover something that wasn't his and killed "savages" that were trying to take the land away from him. If you think about it, Christopher Columbus is still here, continuing to take lives on a planet that doesn't even belong to him. The same group of individuals that enslaved black people and did the unthinkable are the ones writing our history and on the news everyday showing you things to keep you at a low frequency.

Would you even be upset if you didn't know about Kobe? Would you be wearing a mask if Covid-19 didn't appear on the news as a deadly virus? There's too many damn patterns and all the patterns tie back into the New World Order or Illuminati.

Blood Sacrifices

A lot of people don't know what the price is to fame. But what if I told you the price was bloodshed? Sure people can get it without all of that but 9 times out of 10 when all you want is fame and money you'll do anything. Let's look at a few people that blew up and a family member died. First we have "Da Baby" now did he sacrifice his father? Maybe, I don't know for sure but isn't it odd his father passed "DaBaby posted about the confluence of events on Instagram in March. “I got a text message saying my Album was #3 on the charts then talked to my lil brother and found out my pops passed away out of nowhere and my shit went #1 on the charts out of nowhere,” he wrote in the caption." So next we have Kanye West, he said it himself that he sold his soul to the devil and he told a famous magazine if he never went to California his mother would still be alive. That's strange but okay, how about Megan The Stallion (hottest rapper out atm) now I don't know if she sacrificed her mother but when Big Ole Freak took off her mother passed away on March 21. 3 months after the song was released her mom passes away. Not all celebrities do this but a lot do. Now I could be wrong about these people I just need everyone to see the patterns. And the same thing goes for Kobe's death and any other celebrity. None of this shit happens on accident, there are dark rituals rooted to these deaths and if you don't believe me check the numerology behind that if you know how to.

Now I could get into 9/11 and The Titanic but I don't think anyone is ready to wrap their heads around the coincidences in those stories. Question everything! It's important and you don't want to be left out in the dark. And it's not about what I say, I did my research so make sure to do your own to find your own truths and information on things you should be curious about.

There is a spiritual war going on, we are not fighting anything physical. I understand protesting and letting these people know you had enough but they do not give a fuck about us no matter how much the media tells us otherwise. Racial injustice is important but we fighting a system that's not only racist, they hate everyone, and they are back stabbers. They are the same people that smile in our face and do us dirty behind our backs. We need to pay attention to who is being uplifted and praised during this time and who is being cancelled or destroyed by the media because these demons control everything you see and know. Do not fall for distractions, get grounded.

I suggest researching and maybe watching some documentaries like Fall Cabal, Out of Shadows, Young Pharaoh, and looking into things like pizzagate, adrenochrome, Epstein's island, obamagate, The Matrix is a great movie that explains our world and the list goes on.

Meditate, rest, drink tea, self care, book a reading with me if you need to, and pray for better days. We are almost home, a better world is coming we just gotta get through the storm.

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