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Looking in the mirror as her eyes glistened. Her presence made her happy, being happy with who she was and where life had carried her up until this point.

Long strides through the jungle, battling anything that came in between her and the love she had obtained for herself.

She was holding onto a precious clear gem, fighting off those that wanted what they could not have. Was she defensive? Of course, she had to be.

This jungle she called her home was a dangerous place but she made it her mission to make it out alive.

She instilled many things into herself everyday.

"You are beautiful"

"You are confident"

"You are powerful"

"You are full of wisdom"

"You are love"

She went on to say many things and not one negative thing came out of her mouth. She learned to silence the intrusive thoughts and in return, she connected to a higher power.

She found peace by loving herself, not needing another individual's approval. She took pride in her looks, in her body, and also her mind. She catered to the cause of her beauty.

She was continuing to educate herself, allowing her knowledge and love for herself to grow.

Watering her soul with simple fond words and phrases that helped heal her to a point of no return.

She learned how important it was to love oneself.

The process was not easy, and it was far from over.

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