Intro to Meditation

Being present is the key to meditation. When we put our focus on the present moment we are practicing mindfulness. You want to be consciously aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to the reality you are existing in. This article should give you some insight into what Meditation is all about and the different forms.

When beginning your spiritual journey you may hear the word 'meditate' frequently. This is a practice that has been used since the beginning of time. Every living thing around us has meditated at some point in their life, including you.

Our dream state is a form of meditation, when we sleep our soul is connecting to another life force. We exist in many other realms and while our human bodies are sleeping, our soul is traveling to many places here on Earth and in other worlds we cannot see or experience physically.

If you're having trouble meditating and you're new to spirituality, the greatest advice Eye can give you on this is to meditate before you go to bed. Whether it be 5 minutes or you meditate until you drift off to sleep, this will help you practice stillness.

Meditation can be many things, it is not just about being still but being engaged with the present moment.

Here are a few ways to practice meditation:

1) Being Still

- When practicing this form of meditation what you'll want to do is get in a comfortable position whether it be laying down or sitting up. The next thing you want to do is close your eyes and continue to relax. Focus on your breathing, take some deep breaths and really pay attention to what it is you're feeling. Some thoughts may come up just let them be, this may introduce you to what you have been avoiding within your healing. Remember that you are not your thoughts, you are the observer but sometimes our thoughts can have hints and clues for us to use within our journey so journal these things afterward if you choose to. You can sit here for as long as you need to and ask questions you have and see what comes up.

2) Guided Meditations

- This form of meditation is something Eye recommend to beginners to help them construct their own meditation and set intentions for future ones. YouTube has a plethora of these videos. You can start anywhere from meeting your guides to astral traveling and meeting your star family. Eye do believe this is a great alternative for those that have a hard time focusing on their own energy, it can sometimes be intimidating and scary but overall these guided meditations will do the trick for you.

Letting Go Guided Meditation

Starseed Meditation

Connect With Your Higher

3) Journaling

- This is a mindful practice that Eye highly recommend. Won't go too deep in this post but journaling is such a great form of meditation. You can do automatic writings which allows you to pick things from the subconscious mind and gain wisdom from your higher self. The trick with this is to not think too hard about what you're writing, let things flow.

4) Shower/Bath Meditations

- Water is an amazing element for cleansing. Eye highly recommend doing this when in the shower or taking a bath to ensure a cleansed mind, body, and soul. This form of meditation allows you to connect with the water and possibly manifest or vibe into the highest frequency for the day. My method is simply closing my eyes in the shower and allowing the water to run down my body, Eye typically visualizes all the old energy going down the dream while the water is filling me with healing vibrations and light energy. While taking a bath you could try being still or following a guided meditation from YouTube.

5) Creative Expression/Recreational Sh*t

- Meditation does not have to be any of the things that Eye have listed. Meditation is what you make it. You can draw as a form of meditation, allowing the image to speak for itself. You can dance to the rhythm of your favorite song and allow your body to tell a story. Music is very therapeutic and if you have a favorite song or album, singing works many wonders when it comes to healing. Reading is an outlet for many people and it's a great way to feed the subconscious mind. As long as you are engaging and feeling fulfilled that's the greatest form of meditation for you. Don't think that you have to partake in meditation like everyone else. This spiritual journey is unique and your methods and practices will be unique as well.

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