Updated: Feb 18

𝙲𝙷𝟷 𝚙𝚐.𝟷

There she is, as she walks through the halls everyone looks shocked to see her beautiful melanin skin. As she opens her mouth everything is moving in slow mo shes Intimating they say ? Well why is that ? Oh because not only is she beautiful with her melanin skin but one of the most popular jocs like her . Dre; one of the top 10 basketball players At Crenshaw Heights . His mom is Tiffany Calais a Famous actress & his dad is a Rich Producer and owns have of Crenshaw . Dre ignores every female just to get her attention. He’s feels that she is Different and special . Of course She isn‘t impressed , she’s not the type to feel like she’s about to faint as much as the other girls would want to. She is Naylani Baker .

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