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Dear, Divine Masculine

I'm not your average Joe, so don't treat me as such. I am an Empress.

I need a man, an Emperor to match my fly, not a grown boy.

I deserve to be uplifted and worshipped like the Empress I am.

I don't settle for less so if you're not bringing anything to the table you'll be dismissed. I can see right through you, don't think for a second you can't get dropped.

Don't get caught slipping with me, I don't retaliate I keep it moving.

I have so much love for myself, I want to love you but do you deserve my love? You may say you do, but are your actions backing you up? I am continuously healing and can't just take anyone on this sacred journey, are you down for a ride?

This isn't a relationship for the weak, so I hope you can go through the tests of time with me. Maybe stand in the rain with me, try to feel and understand my pain and I'll do the same for you.

I always admired a man that provided but don't think for a second I need you to put air in my lungs.

I will always let you play your role, but you must remain consistent.

If you ever disrespect me, you will never have access to me. I will go incognito faster than you can fix your lips to hurt my feelings.

Am I fragile? Possibly, but don't test me.

I am on the only one that can fix me, but if I need assistance can I call on you?

I'm not afraid to be vulnerable around you. I want heart to heart conversations.

Soul-binding sex as we manifest our lives together.

I deserve so much more than I was getting, I gave it to myself and I just want you to come through and add tax.

We will be unstoppable, it's us against the world and I don't see it any other way.

I've given you something to sit on for the night, let it marinate.

I love you.

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