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A Wise Word From Djehuty (Thoth)

"This world is not the real world. This can be considered a simulation, a matrix, many things but this is not the 'real world' This world operates within the mind. This is just a ascension of some sort but the complete opposite, this is bringing your vessel down to a lower state of being. So you can function on a nonexistent planet. This is magical land. You are all worshipping entities that are not of your own, you are your own master, YOU ARE THE GOD, you are capable of doing unspeakable things. That is the disruption within our world, within your government, these people don't have your best interest at heart. They don't see you as individuals, they don't see each and every one of you, they look over you and that is not of GOD these people don't love and understand any of you. They don't know how you feel because they only care about themselves.

They want control over everything and everybody. They don't want you to be an individual they want you to be like them. You're not like them, you are special, you are unique, each and every one of you."

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