Indigo Fairy


    Happiness is not a status to achieve. Sometimes happiness is seen in our sad days, seen in our tears and depression. Sometimes happiness doesn’t always look for a smile on your face or success and achievements. Happiness stems from growth, healing, love, and faith. From those small things that bring you joy every day. From making the choice to choose yourself and love yourself. 

    Life is always a roller coaster, but knowing when the rain comes there’s always the sun at the end is the lesson. Knowing that even when you have your downs, you’ll always come up and that constantly you are elevating every time you go low. You’ll never reach that low point again because growth is occurring. Something in you is constantly changing. Find a balance between the growing parts and the parts that remain the same. Give yourself the chance to harmonize with all that you are and love that. Be able to always express gratitude even in your lowest or darkest moments. The universe, your guides, ancestors, angels are all with you. Be there for yourself and allow for help along the way. Be perfectly you and no one else.