- You MUST be 18 years old

- There are NO phone call readings! Readings are voice recordings and they will be emailed to the email that I receive through your form. Double-check the email address to ensure it's delivered to the correct place.

- LEAVE A REVIEW! If you fail to do so, I may or may not book with you again. You can respond to the email or leave the review here on the website. This lets me know that your reading was received and it's great hearing feedback from you all. 

- If you do not have tough skin, these readings may not be for you. I am very open and honest with my clients so don't book if you're afraid of what may be uncovered. I only tell you what you need to hear.

- Reading expectancy is typically 0-2 days. Your booking time is a ticket number (for me) to ensure your reading is done in a timely fashion. 

- Do not book questions about pregnancy or any legal situations. 

- I am not responsible for your actions after you've listened to your reading. Understand that you have free will and predictions are only based on the current energy so things may or may not change but it's up to you and the universe. 

- I am a messenger. I do not have all the answers. Sometimes you may receive something unexpected directly from spirit so be open to all messages and not just what you're seeking. 

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